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Bruce poliquin

Bruce Poliquin has stayed focused his entire public life on one goal- fighting for Maine!

Born and raised in Central Maine, Bruce is committed to helping ensure that Maine families and small businesses can succeed and prosper with good paying jobs in a growing economy.  Bruce’s passion for Maine drives his dedication to help.  He has no other agenda.

As the son of a public school teacher and nurse, Bruce was raised in a working-class Franco-American family learning the importance of public service, honesty and hard work. Earning a good education and taking care of others were early lessons taught to Bruce and his late brother Jim by their, now, 90-year-old parents.

Bruce worked hard to earn scholarships to afford college where he studied economics.  During summers he painted metal roofs, dug sewer lines, and worked the night shift at the Wyandotte Spinning Mill in Sidney to help pay the way.  After graduation, he began a successful business career of helping manage the retirement savings of thousands of employees and retirees for hundreds of companies including Bath Iron Works.

In 1989, Bruce married his hometown sweetheart Jane Carpenter.  A year later their wonderful son Sam was born.  Two years after, Jane and her father died in a tragic drowning accident. Bruce raised their son mostly as a single dad.  Overcoming this horrible family tragedy shaped his understanding of how precious and fragile life is.

Ten years ago, Bruce left private life to help the State he loves by serving in public office.  As State Treasurer, he used 35 years of business experience to help put Maine’s fiscal house in order.  He was relentless at rooting out inside dealing by career politicians, cutting wasteful spending, and eliminating smothering public debt – all of which led to the largest income tax cut in Maine history for working families and small businesses.

Treasurer Poliquin led the charge to end lavish New York City boondoggles by Maine public officials being courted by Wall Street bankers.  He changed the front office at the Maine State Housing Authority for recklessly spending nearly $300,000 taxpayer dollars to build one-bedroom apartments while thousands of disadvantaged families were stuck on wait lists to receive safe places to live.  Costs were cut by 35% providing affordable housing to hundreds more at-risk families.

Also as State Treasurer, Bruce helped eliminate $1.7 billion dollars of public pension debt, thereby securing the retirement benefits of tens of thousands of active and retired school teachers and state employees.  During his tenure, Maine’s debt clock was unwinding!

Maine state treasurer

In 2014, Bruce won Maine’s 2nd Congressional District seat – the first Republican in almost twenty years. Two years later, he won his first re-election by a wider margin. In 2018, he won again on Election Day receiving 2,200 more votes than any of his three liberal opponents. However, after nine chaotic days of ranked choice vote counting, the Congressional seat was given to the Democrat who came in second place on Election Day.

During his four years in Washington, Bruce earned the reputation as a fearless advocate for Maine, pragmatically getting things done with both Democrats and Republicans. He was the strong and clear voice for our nearly 140,00 Maine Veterans while serving on the powerful U.S. House Veterans Affairs Committee. He helped push through legislation allowing Veterans living in rural areas to receive their healthcare at local hospitals and doctor offices instead of driving several hours to TOGUS in Augusta. He co-sponsored new laws improving mental health services for suicidal Veterans and providing housing for homeless heroes.

On the House Financial Services Committee, Bruce used his decades of financial experience to make sure credit unions and community banks weren’t over-regulated and, therefore, better able to lend money to growing Maine families and small businesses. He worked with the Senate to pass new legislation to allow bank tellers, retirement advisers and insurance agents to protect seniors against financial scams.

Congressman Poliquin reached out to anyone willing to help secure our border with Mexico to stop the flow of illegal drugs killing our kids, and to protect our families against deadly infectious diseases. While supporting legislation to lower prescription drug and health insurance costs, he opposed sanctuary cities/states and free healthcare for illegal aliens. He pushed for common sense sense work requirements, job training or community service for able-bodied adults with no disabilities or dependents.

Bruce and his staff always kept their eyes and ears open for ways to improve the lives of regular Mainers. Against tremendous odds, he took on the most entrenched bureaucracy in the country, the U.S. Department of Defense, and won for Maine. For two years, he battled Washington special interests to force the Pentagon to obey the law and buy American-made athletic shoes for military recruits. Today, many of these shoes are manufactured right here in Maine at three New Balance factories providing good jobs with benefits for one thousand skilled shoemakers.

Bruce is proud of his work in Congress for helping put in place the building blocks for the strongest Maine and national economies in fifty years, until the painful coronavirus pandemic hit in March, 2020. The economic foundation of lower taxes, fewer regulations, cheap energy and fairer trade deals resulted in more and better paying jobs for millions of Americans. When the COVID-19 shutdown passes, this foundation will help small businesses recover and families get on with their lives.

U.S. Congressman

In September, 2019, President Donald J. Trump nominated Bruce Poliquin to chair the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) in Washington. The Senate still has not confirmed his and hundreds of other Trump nominations to important national posts. If confirmed, Bruce will continue to live in Maine and help care for his aging parents while being the part-time volunteer board chair of SIPC. His education and professional experience is a good fit to lead this national organization which recovers retirement and other savings for fellow Americans when an investment company fails.

Bruce looks forward to each day with energy and enthusiasm to advance common sense solutions to problems impacting Maine families.

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